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by | Aug 10, 2021 | Teen Drivers

If you’ve been reading my blogs you will have noticed that I’m very passionate about creating a new standard of driving, starting with teens.

Today, teens face a completely new universe of risk while driving. Because of the enhanced danger, coupled with the fact that teens remain the most vulnerable drivers on the road, I have made it my mission to help advance teen driver protection.

A lot of my efforts to increase driver safety awareness are encompassed by what I call the ABC and D’s of driving, which is to say driving  ALERT, BUCKLED, CAUTIOUS, and DEFENSIVE.

To help you increase your teens driver’s protection, I have written a free e-book that gives you 10 simple yet very important steps that you can take to help increase your teen’s safety and awareness while on the road.

Teen Driver Safety Booklet

In today’s blog, I want to highlight a very important factor in making driving safely a household priority: The Teen Driving Agreement. 

As a parent, gaining your teen’s agreement will make all the difference in ensuring that they adopt a cautious approach to driving.

Many parents find it beneficial to create a teen driving agreement that details what they deem appropriate for their young driver.

Using a teen driving agreement shows your teenager that you are serious about responsible driving and the fact that there will be consequences if safe driving practices and responsibilities are not followed.

To help, below you will find a link to a Teen Driving Agreement that we have used in the Drive By Example program. This agreement can certainly be altered or supplemented to fit your family’s circumstances.

If you have your teen sign an agreement, I recommend that parents remain firm in following the agreement. As parents, we should never lose sight that driving is a privilege that carries important responsibilities.

Teen Driving Agreement

Below, you can find the full Teen Driving Agreement. You can also download a print-friendly PDF format of the agreement by clicking the download button:

Download Teen Driving Agreement (PDF)

Teen Driving Agreement

As the parent of a teenager, your job is to protect your child. Making safe driving a household priority is just one of many things you can do to help protect your teen as they start on this new journey.

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Doug Horn
Attorney at Law
Driver Safety Advocate