Horn Law Operating At 100% During Virus Shut-Downs

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I wanted to assure our clients and others who may be contacting Horn Law that our firm continues to operate at full force, and we expect that to continue over the coming weeks as we all work to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

That being said, our law firm is taking special precautions to make sure our staff and visitors remain safe and secure. We are giving our clients the option to have meetings that take place via telephone and video conferences. It is amazing to me what we can accomplish with technology, and we want to put that to work for our clients and those who we can serve in the community.

It is important to us that during these times we also uphold our reputation as a rapid response law firm in regards to people who have recently been injured.

Early legal consultations and investigations, which are free of charge, are critically important. As our clients know, early consultation allows us to obtain detailed information and make sure the important legal, medical, insurance, and financial issues are addressed as soon as possible. This sets the foundation for the very best client settlements and awards.

Maximizing the legal recovery is our top priority. I am proud of our track record, and our success has all been possible because of our great staff of professionals. My law partner Laurie Del Percio doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to legal representation of the injured. In each and every case, she plays an important role in obtaining maximum recovery for our clients. Laurie is also especially effective in the more complex cases that involve serious injury where the best recovery is vital.

What Laurie and I do as attorneys wouldn’t be possible without the excellent, long-tenured service of Leesa Dykes, Syreeta Gapelu, Tammy Gettings, Kylie Lawson, and Nina Perry.

On Monday, Horn Law welcomed Caryn Barbee to our team. After many wonderful years, Leesa Dykes is taking retirement, and Caryn Barbee has agreed to come onboard to assume Leesa’s responsibility later in the year. Leesa is special in many ways and has been a rock for Horn Law since the 1990s.

For me, it is a clock keeping perfect time working with this team. Kylie takes care of the important work in the front office. Syreeta is our quality control specialist, responsible for putting together medical documentation. Tammy is an experienced paralegal who helps bring cases together for negotiations and legal action. Leesa works directly with Laurie to keep cases on course, making sure we are as efficient as possible.

Nina Perry has been my right and left hand since the beginning of Horn Law. Nina, with a heart of gold, quit her job at Sonic many years ago and has been a rock for me and our clients over the years.

If you read a good review of Horn Law, it is because this team is absolutely dedicated to the mission of serving people at a difficult time in life.

Everybody, take care, stay safe, and look expectantly upon better days ahead.