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by | Jun 5, 2019 | Blog

Rapid Response Injury Lawyer

You have been hurt in an accident. You are in pain and out of work. You may have been hospitalized. Your injuries are likely going to produce longer-term effects. While the first priority is your medical recovery, you will need legal help as soon as possible.  

Because Attorney Doug Horn has been handling serious injury claims in the Kansas City region for over 25 years, he knows the steps to take to put you on the road to recovery. He is a rapid response injury lawyer.

Contacting Attorney Doug Horn

The best way of to reach Doug Horn is to click on the “Chat” button on the www.Hornlaw.com website. Horn is available day and evening, and on weekends. He offers free legal consultations. You can expect him to take care of immediate issues and maximize recovery.

Taking Care of Immediate Issues

A sudden onset of injury can bring on a range of things that Attorney Doug Horn and his team at Horn Law can take care of immediately. While each case is different, there are 3 items that arise in any injury case.

  • Handling the Insurance Adjuster
  • Establishing Proper Medical Evaluations
  • Securing Important Evidence
  1. Right from the start, it is important for us to deal with the insurance company representatives, including the claim adjusters who may be calling. We must establish legal liability and determine the insurance coverages. We must gain the upper hand with the claim adjuster. The insurance company representatives need to know how your life has been, and will be, impacted by your injury. This is critical in setting “insurance reserves” and making the best possible claim recovery.
  2. It is equally important that we make sure our injured client is receiving proper medical evaluations and treatment. We also want a medical plan for recovery in place. Ultimately, from a legal standpoint, the expert medical opinions will be vital evidence in us making a full and fair recovery claim recovery on behalf of our client.
  3. When a person is injured through the fault of another, they deserve a maximum recovery. In order to obtain a maximum recovery, it is important that we secure the important evidence that will prove fault and establish the injured person’s damages.