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by | May 13, 2019 | Blog

Our law firm concentrates in handling serious injury claims. One of the primary ways Horn Law can be of substantial benefit to a seriously injured person is to obtain a maximum settlement or award that includes Lifetime Compensation.

Before I address Lifetime Compensation, I should establish that a maximum settlement or award in an injury claim is usually a lump sum settlement paid by insurance companies that represent the person(s) or entities responsible for the injury.  That lump sum settlement or award must include, and account for, all of the seriously injured person’s past, present, and future damages.

There are two sets of compensation that a seriously injured person must recover in order to receive a maximum settlement or award.  Basic Compensation and Lifetime Compensation.

Below is a list of areas of basic compensation that must be accounted for in a serious injury claim:

  • Medical expenses (past, present, and future)
  • Lost Income/Lost Income Opportunities
  • Past, Present, & Future Pain & Suffering

Beyond basic compensation, a maximum settlement must also contain what I have been referring to as Lifetime Compensation. Recovery of Lifetime Compensation is where highly competent legal representation* can really makes a difference. In many cases that are settled before a trial, lifetime compensation is the difference between a good settlement and an exceptional settlement.

The seriously injured person who has a permanent and progressive injury is going to need lifetime compensation in order to receive a fair and full recovery. Below is an example of the different components of lifetime compensation.

  1. Loss of Health
  2. Future medical expense/life care
  3. Permanent Physical Disability/Restrictions/Limitations
  4. Lost Household Work Services
  5. Lost Earning Capacity
  6. Scarring/Disfigurement Compensation
  7. Mental/Emotional/Psychological Distress
  8. Loss of Quality of Life

*With regard to the selection of legal representation, it is important that the attorney handling the serious injury claim has a track record of success in recovering Lifetime Compensation. Keep in mind that your choice of attorney and law firm is an important choice and should not be made on the basis of an advertisement or promotional material.

You can find out a lot about an attorney or law firm before you come in for legal consultation. Review the firm’s website. Look for information about previous cases that firm has handled. Check out the firm’s Google reviews and see what others are saying.