Kansas City Crash Lawyer Doug Horn Proposes New Method To Curb Distracted Drivers

Attorney Doug Horn likes to say that he has had both a front row seat and a bird’s eye view of the distracted driving epidemic that is gripping America’s roadways. His perspective comes from over 25 years of providing legal representation to people who have been seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Earlier this week, on KSHB, Horn’s distracted driving prevention program was profiled by Reporter Cynthia Newsome. Unlike traditional efforts to reduce distracted driving, Horn’s program encourages motorists to protect themselves against distracted drivers by driving alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive. Horn gave further explanation, “by urging drivers to adopt safe driving habits, we not only hope to reduce accidents, but also help elevate the driving culture”.

Horn has been involved in efforts to advance driver safety since 2009. He has developed a driving safety communications platform called “Drive By Example”. Currently, he is in the process of looking for driving safety partnerships to help reverse a significant increase in traffic fatality trends in Missouri. Along with distracted driving prevention, Horn also has programs designed for teen driver protection and safe driving programs for corporations and businesses.