Independence, Missouri Lawyer Develops Program To Help Reduce Accidents On Missouri’s Rural Roads

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by | May 16, 2018 | Blog

People who live in rural areas of Missouri know that there is not much room for error on the county and state highway roads that cris-cross Missouri. Accidents are on the rise and many blame the significant change in the driving culture. As drivers continue to drive aggressively, more distracted, and more impatient, traffic safety experts are saying that all of us are facing a “new universe of roadway risk”, however the highest risks for a violent collision are on Missouri’s rural roads.

To counteract this risk, Attorney Doug Horn, who handles cases for persons seriously injured in rural road accident cases across western Missouri, is dedicating a substantial part of his time to driving safety advocacy. In that regard, Horn has developed a program that he believes will make a substantial difference in reducing the types of rural road collisions that cause serious injury and fatalities.

Horn is recommending the rural county governments, law enforcement, and school districts together implement a comprehensive, sustained drivers’ safety campaign called Drive By Example. In brief, Drive By Example is a traffic safety communications platform that influences drivers to adopt the safe driving habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

Unlike traditional traffic safety programs that encourage drivers not to engage in dangerous conduct like texting behind the wheel and driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol, Drive By Example uses positive forming to urge drivers to raise change to their approach to driving so that they can meet their legal duty to exercise the highest degree of care while driving.

The program is based on a core message to “Drive By Example – Alert, Buckled, Cautious, and Defensive”.

“While Drive By Example was designed for a variety of organizations in the rural counties who want to protect the community, it really is a perfect fit for high schools. In order to begin to change the driving culture, it is my belief that we need to make driving safety a priority beginning in the 9th grade. Drive By Example can provide that to high schools”, said Horn.

Horn strongly believes that it is vitally important to teach young drivers about the new driving risks in order that not only do they become better drivers, but also better passengers.   Horn then went on to answer the question- how do you drive by example. “It comes down to a simple, memorable formula that all of us can connect with ABC & D alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive.For more information about Drive By Example contact Doug Horn at