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by | Apr 27, 2018 | Blog

With the nice weather expected this weekend, I expect there will be many more motorcycles on the road so please keep an extra-careful lookout. Because of low-profile, motorcycles are very difficult to see.

Also, if you are a motorcyclist, please drive defensively this weekend. All motorists, are facing a new universe of risk due to an increasing number of distracted drivers, especially drivers who are using their cell phones. In addition to the distracted driver, below are 5 other significant risks motorcyclists face on the road.

  1. Oncoming Traffic. Be constantly on the lookout for oncoming traffic drifting over the center line. Also, watch for drivers who are making left-handed turns. The left-handed turn is always a threat because drivers have to keep a lookout in several different directions.
  2. Panic Stops. A vehicle making a “panic stop” or aggressively hitting the brakes can be deadly for motorcyclists. Especially on a city street, always be prepared for a driver who comes to an abrupt stop by keeping an assured clear distance in front.
  3. Debris/Gravel On The Road. This is particularly dangerous when a motorcyclist is attempting to corner or steering in to a turn. Any kind of small debris, stone, dirt, etc. on the road can cause the narrow tires to lose grip with the road causing the tires to slide out.
  4. Cornering Too Fast. Many novice or “weekend” riders may not yet have the feel of their bike. If they go into a corner too fast, losing control of a heavy bike is a significant risk.
  5. Cars Changing Lanes. Motorcyclists should be generally aware that drivers are driving more aggressively. While this is true at all times, it is especially true in high traffic volumes like we expect this weekend.

Drive safe by driving alert, buckled, cautious, and defensive.