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Two teenagers lost their lives and two more suffered serious injuries in June of 2016 after an accident occurred on 291 Highway in Excelsior Springs, MO. However, what is shocking about this accident is that the vehicle was stopped by officers shortly before the crash occurred.

According to police, the car was pulled over, but the teens were let go shortly after. The crash occurred at 4:20 a.m. while the car was headed south on 291 Highway. At some point, it hit a pole and the vehicle overturned at the Salisbury Road intersection.

During the initial stop by the police, the 19-year-old, who was the designated driver for the others, was subjected to a series of field sobriety tests, as well as a breathalyzer test. However, when interviewed, the officer stated he smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle, but the teens were still allowed to drive away.

Do the Families have a Personal Injury Claim?

The question that the families are left asking is, “who is at fault in this accident?” Are the police who let the teens drive away to blame for this accident? Or, is the teen who was behind the wheel to blame? This is a serious matter and both the teens who lost their lives and those who were injured are left with the long term consequences of the accident.

In this case, hiring a personal injury attorney is going to be the best way to determine who is at fault and give the families the best chance of recovering compensation.

Causes of Accidents in Excelsior Springs, MO

There are several causes of accidents in Excelsior Springs. Much like other locations around the country, one of the most prevalent is distracted driving. In fact, in the state of Missouri, using cell phones was a contributing factor in over 1,780 accidents. While texting and driving is banned in several states, the only law related to distracted driving in Missouri is prohibiting this action for drivers under the age of 21.

Unfortunately, these lax laws have caused more and more distracted driving accidents to occur each year. It is imperative that drivers remain safe while on the road and avoid texting and driving, and other distractions that often occur.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for More Information

Not all accidents will meet the criteria to file a personal injury lawsuit. It is imperative for an injured person, or their family, to contact an attorney soon after an accident occurs. They will be able to review the facts of the case and determine how much compensation it may be worth.