Texting While Driving Making Teen Drivers Susceptible to Car Accidents

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by | Jan 20, 2017 | Teen Drivers

It is probably not surprising to learn that young drivers between the ages of 16-18 are most at risk for a motor vehicle accident. Among the most common reasons for a car accident in this age group is distracted driving, including texting while driving.

Kansas City texting while driving lawyer Doug Horn concentrates his law practice in motor vehicle accident law, handling crash cases which cause serious injury and wrongful death. In that capacity, Horn has had a front row seat for the significant change in the driving culture which results from texting while driving. He says that texting and other cell phone use behind the wheel has reached epidemic levels creating a new universe of risk for all motorists.

Texting While Driving Lawyer Doug Horn

In addition to being a texting while driving lawyer, Horn also dedicates a significant amount of his work to teen driver protection. In this role, he alerts parents to the dangers of distracted driving. He says that parents should be made aware of three important things when it comes to keeping their teen safe on the road.

First, cell phone use is habit forming. If your teenager is constantly on their phone, it is a sign that they are probably regularly tempted to use their phone while driving. Secondly, cell phone use is addictive. While a young driver may understand the dangers of using their phone while driving, the perceived urgency of the text message overrides their good decision making power. In other words, they become incapable of evaluating the true risk when they need it most. Lastly, a texting while driving lawyer will say that the best protection is to teach young drivers to “glove box” the cell phone. Other traffic safety experts agree that storing away the phone significantly diminishes the risk associated with the urgency to compose, respond, or send a text message while engaged in driving.

At the very least, texting while driving lawyer Horn believes parents who teach their teen driver to “glove box” the cell phone are raising the teen driver’s awareness of the dangers of cell phone use. “I believe teen driver protection starts at the dinner table, where parents and teens can discuss the importance of developing safe driving habits”, Horn said.