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by | Nov 22, 2016 | Horn Law News

Attorney Doug Horn, who has spent the bulk of his 25 year legal career representing persons injured in motor vehicle accidents, is putting his professional experience to work in an effort to bring about a reduction in the types of collisions that cause serious injury and wrongful death. Horn, who has handled thousands of accident cases in the Kansas City metro, is leading Drive By Example, a public service organization that helps influence drivers to exercise the highest degree of care while driving.

“In 2009 I sensed a significant change in our traffic culture. From my work as a motor vehicle accident lawyer, I saw that not only were people driving more distracted, but they were also driving more aggressively. I knew then the problem was likely going to get worse before better”, Horn said.

Although distracted driving prevention continues to be one of Horn’s top driving safety priorities, he says that drivers are facing a new universe of roadway risk brought on by a combination of factors, including traffic volumes, speed, and impatience behind the wheel.

Horn is now invested in creating a culture of safe driving for Kansas City. “We must keep driver safety high in the public consciousness through awareness and educational initiatives. In this regard, Drive By Example can provide the platform so that school districts, public health departments, municipalities, and private sector organizations, can effectively implement driver safety programs”.

“If Drive By Example is used to its full capacity, I have no doubt we will see a change in the way local drivers, both young and older, approach driving. It has become clear to me that we no longer can sit back and hope the problem takes care of itself.”