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Riding a motorcycle in the Fall weather is popular for many motorcycle enthusiasts. They understand, however, that there are hazards on the road that other motorists are just not exposed to. With these added risks, motorcycle accidents are bound to happen.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcycles are less stable and less visible than cars. The number of deaths on motorcycles was over 27 times the number in cars. Helmets are crucial, with 37 percent preventing motorcycle deaths, and 67 percent in preventing brain injuries. However, less than half the states mandate helmet use. According to their data, more and more fatally injured motorcycle drivers are uninsured. The rate has been climbing every year.

While in some motorcycle accident cases it is clearly evident that a lawsuit against the negligent parties is required, there are other cases that can be settled. In either case, you must have a thorough case evaluation because your motorcycle accident claim is typically your one and only opportunity to obtain a fair and full recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents in Fall Weather


Just recently a family met with friends, holding a vigil in remembrance of Andrew Lee Smith, a man killed in a motorcycle accident earlier this month. The location was 12th St. And Fremont Avenue, in a suburban neighborhood east of downtown Kansas City. A friend, Jason, said that safety is key. “Motorcycle accidents you don’t have nothing keeping you safe, just you and the open wind.” The family wants to give warnings to others to be careful on the road. Smith’s cousin said that his death should be a lesson for others, urging them to “be careful” because “they’re dangerous.”

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