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Recent I-70 Auto Accidents during September in the Kansas City area have stunned our community. The I-70 auto accident, located in Blue Springs earlier in the month, involved a family of four and what police report an intoxicated man. Reports say that the man rear ended the family of four, killing two children, and paralyzing the father.

The mother and father, David and Jennifer Beaird, are now coming to terms with this tragedy. They hope to have the community remember their children Gavin and Chloe. The parents believe the focus isn’t just on their children, but on their family as a whole, since their lives have changed forever since the auto accident.

The intoxicated man was 60-year-old James Green. He’s being held at the Jackson County jail on a $200,000 bond. Jennifer says the anger is still there, that Green, who already had two DWIs on his record, would still be foolish enough to continue. The family is not only seeking indefinite jail, but for Green to understand the pain he has caused the family.

I-70 Auto Accidents in Kansas City

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