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by | Jul 18, 2016 | Horn Law News

Motorists are facing a new universe on the road due to a glut of distracted, aggressive, and impatient drivers. Below are tips authored by Kansas City Lawyer Doug Horn to help you minimize the chance of a crash.

“As a motor vehicle accident lawyer, my law practice has changed significantly in the last 5 years. Previously safe drivers are becoming dangerous drivers. You can no longer assume you are safe just because you are following the rules of the road”, Horn said.

Horn, who has over 25 years of experience as a crash lawyer, is devoting a significant amount of his work to driver safety advocacy. These tips are part of his on-going effort to keep driving safety high on the public consciousness.


  1. Stay Alert. Never assume the other driver is paying attention. While keeping your attention on the road in front, be constantly aware of the other traffic around you. Always anticipate the unexpected.
  2. Keep Your Distance. Keep an ample amount of distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Drive at a safe speed that will allow you to brake or otherwise maneuver around an unsafe driver or a wayward pedestrian.
  3. Cautious Through Intersections. Dangerous drivers are always violating stop signs and red lights. As you approach an intersection with the right-of-way, keep a careful lookout for other vehicles and pedestrians.
  4. Glove Box Your Phone. If you cannot resist the opportunity to use a cell phone behind the wheel, your best option is to silence the phone and put it in the glove box. Out of sight – out of mind.
  5. Protect Your Children. Remind your children to get in the habit of keeping a careful lookout as passengers. Not only will you be encouraging them to be safe, but an extra set of eyes on the road is very helpful protection against unsafe drivers.
  6. Remember Your Driving ABCs

All drivers owe a duty to exercise the highest degree of care while driving. To meet that duty, always drive alert, buckled, and cautious. It is as simple as ABC. Add a “D” for Defensive.