QLI Omaha: World Class Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

QLINot far from Kansas City, QLI Omaha is one of the nation’s premier post-hospital centers for rehabilitation from catastrophic brain/spinal cord type injuries.

Through his legal work in representing a client who suffered a serious brain injury from an industrial accident, Attorney Doug Horn became acquainted with QLI after his client was recommended to QLI to further his rehabilitation. Opened in 1990, QLI has been delivering life-changing rehabilitation and care to patients throughout the U.S. This week Horn had an opportunity to visit QLI for a first-hand look at the campus that specializes in rebuilding lives of the injured.

“From the first time you enter QLI, you can tell that this is not your typical clinical environment. The QLI staff, including the administrative staff, the therapists, the facilities support people, even the volunteers who bring the therapy dog, everyone is so committed to making every hour count for the residents. It is just a unique culture dedicated to excellence.” Horn said.

The QLI rehabilitative focus is on helping patients regain real-life skills that will allow them to be successful after leaving QLI. Therapy programs are custom designed for each individual. Although QLI makes good use of their well-outfitted campus, including a soon to be opened fishing lake, the professional staff also emphasizes therapeutic activities outside of the campus, including trips to the grocery store, to a ball game, or other community activities.

For more information, including the opportunity to support QLI with your donations, visit www.qliomaha.com.