Horn Law Recommends Being Cautious of Insurance Claim Adjusters

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by | Jul 1, 2016 | Horn Law News

Recent history confirms that insurance companies are more dedicated than ever to raising profits by minimizing injury claim settlements.

There was a day, 15 or 20 years ago, that injury victims could negotiate a fair settlement of an injury claim. According to Kansas City Injury Lawyer, Doug Horn, those days are long gone. Nowadays, insurance companies are committed to maximizing profits by paying out as little as possible on personal injury claims. Horn, who has been practicing injury law in Missouri for over 25 years, has seen a significant change in the way claim adjusters operate in the last 5 years.

“Insurance companies are no longer accounting for “longer term damages”. If you are not represented, there is very little chance of receiving a fair and full settlement”, Horn said. Horn indicated that an injury claim settlement must include compensation for the longer term consequences of an injury. For instance, most orthopedic injuries lead to the early onset of arthritis and other conditions that diminish range of motion and lead to chronic pain. It is those types of damages that deserve extra compensation.

Horn says that in many cases legal representation is important to fully collect. With very few exceptions, he will not accept injury cases unless he is confident he can be a substantial benefit to his client.

“If it just comes down to being reimbursed for medical bills and lost time from work, attorney representation is probably not necessary. However, cases where my client requires physical therapy, rehabilitation, or is relying upon pain medication to get through the day, these are cases that require detailed legal preparation to avoid a low settlement”.