Horn Offers Plan To Reduce Missouri Traffic Fatalities

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by | Jun 21, 2016 | Horn Law News

Kansas City Crash Lawyer Doug Horn is proposing a new driving safety program to reduce traffic related deaths on Missouri roads and highways. Horn, who concentrates his law practice in representing persons seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents, says it’s time for Missouri to get serious about driving safety and adopt a workable plan that reduces the types of collisions that cause serious injury and death.

Horn, a long time driving safety advocate, is confident he can help reduce the rising number of traffic fatalities in Missouri with a comprehensive driving safety initiative. His plan, called Drive By Example, addresses 3 driving priorities:

(1) distracted driving prevention, (2) teen driver protection, and (3) driving culture change.

While it is common for driving safety advocates, such as Horn, to issue warnings and call for change, Horn is dedicated to offering solutions that can serve as a blueprint for Missouri traffic safety officials.

In addition to the Drive By Example state program, Horn is sponsoring his own distracted driving prevention effort through a special social media messaging campaign beginning in July 2016. Horn explained, “distracted driving has become epidemic largely because all drivers, including older adults, have adopted the cell phone as a primary means of communication. If we don’t act now, this public health crisis we call distracted driving is going to get worse.”