Gladstone Alert. Minors Targeting Walmart For Liquor Theft

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by | Apr 22, 2016 | Horn Law News

Horn Law has learned that the Walmart Supercenter located at 7207 NM1 Highway has become an alcohol access point for teens in the Gladstone community. The 24 hour store is becoming a hot spot for alcohol theft. It appears that minors are shoplifting varieties of hard liquor that are not protected by a bottle alarm.

As the picture depicts, some of the more expensive liquor bottles are fitted with a bottleneck alarm. However, many of the cheaper varieties, including the “Serpent’s Bite”, do not have an on-bottle alarm.

Attorney Doug Horn, who is leading the fight to protect against alcohol-related tragedies, believes Walmart should place an alarm on all bottles. “Clearly, the Walmart store management recognizes that alcohol theft is a problem. I believe the store would put alarms on all the bottles of hard liquor if they were aware that teenagers, intent on getting drunk, are targeting their store”, Horn said.

Horn believes that alerting parents in Gladstone to the Walmart alcohol theft problem will help bring about solution. “By preventing just one alcohol theft, Walmart could save a teenager’s life”.