Back To School: Doug Horn Finds A Niche at Lutheran High School of Kansas City


Doug Horn would like to publicly thank the Lutheran High School of Kansas City and Mr. Lee Rudzinsky for providing him the opportunity to spend several hours with Rudzinsky’s American Government class last Wednesday morning.

Horn, who has already launched his “Drive By Example” driving safety campaign at Lutheran High, presented an American history lesson to a group of 20 students.  “We were able to cover a lot of ground, I hope the students gained an appreciation of our Constitution and how our federal government has evolved over the years”, Horn said.

Horn’s presentation centered on the expansion of the federal government during the 20th century. Using FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society as examples, Horn taught on how federal government has expanded to help respond to both economic and social crisis. “The students were able to make a connection between the past and present. They understand how the federal government reacts in times of trouble”.

Horn also reserved time for a driving safety message. “We always preach to “drive by example”, Horn commented. Today at LHS we taught the kids, that really means to drive alert, buckled, and cautious. To support his safety message, Horn planted a sign on the campus exit road as a reminder. Horn added, “I am always grateful for an opportunity to help protect young people”.