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by | Dec 14, 2015 | Horn Law News


During 2015, Douglas R. Horn, who concentrates his practice in personal injury law and litigation, was privileged to serve as a faculty member for the National Business Institute (NBI), an organization that provides continuing legal education for licensed attorneys.

In May, Horn was part of several attorneys who lectured, via video webcast, to a national audience of practicing attorneys. Horn spoke and presented material on personal injury mediation and settlement. This topic area generated considerable interest, as greater numbers of personal injury cases are being referred to mediation.

In November, Horn participated on a distinguished panel of brain injury lawyers in NBI’s “Plaintiff’s Guide to Proving Brain Injury”. This subject matter was right in Horn’s wheelhouse as he has devoted much of his work over the past 25 years to representing victims of head injuries, including persons who have suffered mild, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injury.

“Providing continuing legal education for lawyers is challenging. In addition to time spent preparing for the webcast, a presenter has an obligation to provide practical information they can use right away in helping attorneys to prepare their cases”, Horn stated. Lawyers from across the nation depend upon these seminars to not only sharpen their legal skills, but also to meet continuing legal education responsibilities under state laws.

Horn hopes for more opportunities to lecture in the area of personal injury law. “I really enjoy my teaching opportunities. My hope is that those attorneys who attend these types of presentations will gain something that can help them provide better representation to their clients”, Horn remarked.