Horn Looks To Make Positive Impact For Kansas City Seniors


Count Doug Horn among the rising number of area citizens who are working to enhance the quality of life for senior adults in the Greater Kansas City community.

Horn, who has spent the last 25 years living and practicing law in Eastern Jackson County, is a member of the Community for All Ages Coalition, a group of interested citizens brought together by the Truman Heartland Foundation to discuss the changing needs of aging seniors in our community.

Recently, Horn attended a conference sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Council to learn about innovative services that can assist older adults with services that allow them to stay in their homes. After attending the conference, Horn better appreciates how we make our community more responsive to the needs of seniors. “If, as a community, we can help improve transportation, home services, and create private networks of social services, we can become an example of how to care for older adults”, Horn stated.

Of particular interest to Horn was a presentation on “Congregational Care”, given by the Shepherd’s Center of KC Central. Congregational Care is a network of congregational partnerships committed to providing compassionate care through a volunteer program. The Shepherd’s Center provides training and support to area churches who want to better serve the senior adult population. Horn is now encouraging churches in Eastern Jackson County to learn about the Shepherd’s Center model for Congregational Care.

Taking care of seniors is not a new role for Horn as a substantial part of his law practice has been dedicated to representing retired adults who have suffered traumatic injuries, particularly in cases involving auto accidents, falls, medication errors and nursing home accidents. He now hopes he can make a difference outside of the courtroom. “It is special work when people come together to help meet challenges, find solutions, and contribute to bettering our quality of life, especially for senior adults.” Horn said.