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In Miller County, Missouri on October 6, 2015, a woman was involved in a single-vehicle crash. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, the driver was distracted, but not by her phone, navigation or anything technological; instead, the driver was distracted by a wasp. As the driver headed west on Highway 52, she lost control of her truck and went off the left side of the road, striking a mailbox.

Fortunately, the woman was spared serious injury because she was wearing a seatbelt and obeying all other rules of the road.

Distracted Driving Is Not Just for Technology

While the majority of distracted driving cases in the United States involves portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc., there are other forms of distracted driving that have nothing to do with technology – but are equally dangerous. These can include:

  • Talking to Passengers – Having a conversation with passengers while driving can take away cognitive functions, which are critical to your driving safety. As you focus more (mentally) on the conversation than the road, you may experience delayed response times, miss stop signs or even fail to look out for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.
  • Applying Makeup – It is not uncommon for women to be distracted when they apply makeup or other beauty products while driving. Men are equally guilty when shaving or grooming while behind the wheel.
  • Eating or Drinking – Surprisingly, eating and drinking can also lead to distracted driving. That is not only because a person is using one hand to eat or drink, but also because they are using their cognitive abilities to focus on eating.
  • Smoking – Just like eating, when a person is smoking while driving, they are using physical and mental abilities to do so, which means the amount of attention they give to the road is limited.

Distracted driving is becoming epidemic in the United States. With the introduction of new technology, the distracted driving crisis is probably going to get worse before better.  With this in mind, Lead Attorney Doug Horn and his Horn Law team have started a driving  safety initiative called “Drive By Example”. Drive By Example is a Horn Law’s public service initiative that is dedicated to advancing driver safety by encouraging driver to adopt safe driving habits and behaviors. The Drive By Example core message is that all drivers owe a duty to exercise the highest degree of care behind the wheel by driving alert, bucked, and cautious.

What to do if Injured by a Distracted Driver

If you or a loved one is injured by a distracted driver, contact Lead Attorney Doug Horn at Horn Law for immediate legal consultation. the majority of distracted driving accidents require prompt accident investigation and legal representation. We aggressively protect the rights of the injured and work hard to hold those liable responsible for their actions. Call 816-795-7500 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation regarding your accident case.