Will Smart Watches Increase the Number of Distracted Driving Accidents?

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Smart watches, including those released by Samsung and Apple, are meant to make your life more convenient. You can receive text messages, answer phone calls, get reminders and even keep track of your health using a single device. These watches are not as bulky and awkward as cellphones, but offer you instant technology no matter where you go. While they are certainly helpful, there is one concern that has yet to be addressed about these devices: distracted driving.

Smart Watches and the Law

Unfortunately the law has not caught up with smart watches or the latest technology. Therefore, even states that make it illegal to text or talk while driving do not have laws applicable to the use of smart watches. Drivers can technically use these devices without any legal consequences for their actions. Even more unfortunately, there are no laws currently in the works to address the use of smart watches, which means it may be several years before lawmakers finally realize just how risky the use of these devices can be.

Even when laws do catch up with the use of smart watches, it will be difficult for law enforcement officials to enforce laws regarding the use of these devices. Police can only cite what they observe, and it may be difficult for an officer to observe or know if a person is wearing a smart watch – let alone using it. An officer can easily tell when a person is texting, because their hands are no longer on the wheel. But, with a smart watch a person can still have both hands on the wheel while talking, texting or reading from their watch.

Quick Glances are Still Deadly

A quick glance at a smart watch can be just as deadly as using a cellphone. All it takes is a few seconds to read a smart watch and in that time, a car can travel a significant distance. In fact, a vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour moves 150 feet in the time it takes to look at a smart watch, according to an article published in Consumer Reports.

Another experiment done by a United Kingdom company found that a driver glances at their smart watch for approximately 2.52 seconds, while a person only takes 0.9 seconds to talk to a passenger in the vehicle. The individual in the study also veered out of their lane four separate times while engaging with their smart watch.

Holding Smart Watch Drivers Accountable

Proving that a driver was using their smart watch when they caused an accident also poses an issue. Unlike cellphones, the records for smart watches may be more difficult to obtain and depending on the use, it may be impossible to prove someone was using a smart watch. That being said, individuals that are injured in an accident by a distracted driver using their smart watch should still seek legal counsel.

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