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by | Jul 3, 2015 | Horn Law

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury attorney is paramount to a favorable outcome in your case. There are several things to consider when interviewing attorneys to represent you. The most important may be communication. If there is not a clear line of communication between you and your attorney, the process will likely be frustrating and unsuccessful. Ask each lawyer to outline exactly how communications will be handled. Below is a list of additional factors to consider when interviewing attorneys.

Tips for Interviewing an Attorney

Evaluate how accommodating the lawyer is. Does the lawyer listen intently and allow you time to fully explain your situation? Does he or she commit to helping with insurance, medical, work, transportation, and personal issues?

Is personal injury law the attorney’s main area of focus? Lawyers may work in many areas of the law, but you should find an attorney who specializes in personal injury. This is a complex, constantly evolving area of law, and the success of your case is largely dependent on your attorney’s level of experience. Look for an attorney with a proven track record of success.

Is the attorney confident? There are no guarantees in personal injury cases, but confidence is often reflective of success. Your attorney should be willing to invest his or her full professional resources into your case.

When you hire an attorney, he or she works for you. Therefore, it’s important that potential candidates take the interview process as seriously as you do. Do you feel that this person is someone you can work with? Does he or she seem reliable, trustworthy, confident, and committed? You may be working together for a while, and it will help the process immensely if you like your attorney.

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