Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer Is Helping To Fix The Driving Culture

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by | Mar 5, 2014 | Uncategorized

Doug Horn, a Kansas City injury lawyer concentrating in motor vehicle accident law, devotes a large amount of his time and resources to driving safety advocacy. In 2014 Horn can be seen regularly on KC Live, a television show broadcast on KSHB-TV.  The latest installment was broadcast on February 24, 2014. To view, click here.

As a crash lawyer, Horn has seen a significant decline in the overall driving culture over the last decade. He attributes the culture decline to a rising number of distracted drivers, including those who use cell phones to talk, text, navigate, and browse the web. Horn feels the problem of distracted driving is going to get worse before it gets better, unless driving safety experts act now.

Horn’s solution to the distracted driving crisis is two-fold. First, Horn believes that we need to be more intentional about alerting all drivers to the new universe of roadway risk, primarily caused by texting while driving. Horn believes that when drivers fully appreciate the risk associated with manipulating a cell phone while trying to keep your eyes on the road, they will adopt habits and behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway. Horn adds that driving safety messages and campaigns must be directed to adult drivers. “Many people believe that distracted driving is a teen driver issue, in fact, with the advent of the smart phone, adults now make up the largest segment of distracted drivers”.

Second, Horn is advocating efforts that keep driving safety high on the public consciousness, encouraging drivers to meet a higher standard behind the wheel. In this regard, Horn developed Drive By Example, a driving safety program that he is implementing in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The program has gained momentum in both the public and private sector. Horn’s goal is to make Kansas City a model city for safe driving.

While Horn does think that new driving safety laws and stepped-up law enforcement will help, he believes driving safety experts need to re-shape their thinking about how to fix our driving culture. “Traditional methods of advancing driver safety are not equipped to address the underlying driving culture. We need to shift our thinking toward driver safety campaigns that are designed to reach all drivers, address all forms of dangerous driving, and promote a higher driving standard”, Horn said.

The driving safety pages at hornlaw.com provide more information about Horn’s advocacy efforts and his Drive By Example program.