Fixing Our Driving Culture

Modern day driver’s vehicles are equipped with many features created by technology to better keep us safe on the road. However, driving is more dangerous than ever.  Today our driving culture is full of distracted, speeding, and risky drivers.  The CDC reports that in 2010, 1 in 5 accidents were caused by distracted driving.  So how do we solve this problem and create a better, safer, driving culture?

We need to adopt and implement driver safety programs that are directed towards all drivers regardless of age.  We need to make our distracted, speeding, and risky drivers into drivers that are alert, responsible, and defensive.  Drive by Example is a versatile driver safety program that aims to inform about distracted and dangerous driving and offer solutions to our problematic driving culture. We need schools, cities, and organizations to adopt driver safety programs and foster the growth of a better driving culture.

Drive by Example’s Doug Horn reports on current driving safety issues in a recurring segment on Kansas City Live, and you can view his videos on Youtube.

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