New Discovery Could Help Reduce the Risk of Fatigue Involving Shift Workers

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It’s no secret to any Missouri worker’s compensation lawyer that shift-based workers are at a high risk for accidents and injuries. In many cases, these workers are at a higher risk of having an accident while they are driving home after a long night shift, because they’re so drowsy after their shift. They may also be at a much higher risk of accidents involving machinery and equipment in the workplace.

A new discovery recently found that a protein prevents the body from adjusting to any changes in the sleep cycle. Scientists have also found that a drug can be used to regulate the protein that prevents the body from adjusting quickly to changes in its circadian rhythm. In the future, this drug can also be used to help reduce the effect of changes in the circadian rhythm on workers in shift-based jobs.

Shift-based work is a fact of life for many workers, especially those in the manufacturing sector, automotive industry and other industries. These workers may be at a higher risk of fatigue, and the drug may help them get back on track and reduce the effects of fatigue and drowsiness on the job. The tests have so far been conducted on mice, and the researchers say that they have been able to identify a gene and protein that is responsible for preventing the person from adjusting to sleep pattern changes. When the drug was used to block the protein, the mice were able to easily adapt to the changes in the circadian rhythm.

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