New Study Finds Higher Crash Risk While Using Hands-Free Sets

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by | Jul 11, 2013 | Auto Accidents

For years now, promoters of hands-free technology have claimed that these technologies are much safer than the use of hand-held cell phones for texting or having a conversation while driving.  However, a new study debunks the theory.  According to the study, persons using a hands-free set continue to make higher numbers of driving errors, and these errors increase their risk of being injured or killed in an accident.

The study was conducted by researchers, who registered 26 participants to take part in a driver simulation program.  The participants undertook the simulation program first without any distractions, and another time again when they were using a hands-free set to have a conversation. There was nothing in the conversation that should have increased excitement, and it was a simple conversation on a neutral topic.

The researchers measured the brain activity of the participants while they were put through their paces on the imulator both without distraction, and with distraction from the handset.

They found that there was an increase in brain activity as well as an increase in neuronal activation, while the person was talking on a hands-free set.  In fact, the researchers found that because the neurons were in an activated state, the amount of blood that flows to the brain was inevitably reduced.

They also found that while motorists were using the hand sets, they were prone to making a string of driving errors.  Some of the most serious driving errors included driving at high speeds, changing lanes abruptly and without warning, and making improper lane changes.

As Missouri car accident lawyers, we handle auto accidents caused by cell phone use as “aggravated liability cases”.  Aggravated liability means the conduct of the driver at fault is beyond general negligence.  The reason why distracted driving cases should be handed this way is because drivers should know that using a cell phone while driving involves a significant risk of harm.