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by | Dec 3, 2012 | Auto Accidents

December 2012 may be the most dangerous month ever for motorists, says crash lawyer and driving safety expert, Douglas R. Horn. Appearing on Fox 4 WDAF-TV Morning News, Horn said that driving this year in December is particularly hazardous because of the significant amount of people using their cell phones while driving. Horn added that it is not only talking and texting, but using the phone to navigate, surf the web, update social media, and an array of other functions not related to driving.

Along with distracted driving, Horn expects that there will also be more impaired drivers behind the wheel. The holiday season typically results in more instances of drivers who have had too much to drink. Even if drivers assume they are below the legal limit for alcohol, several drinks will slow reaction time, the time it takes to avoid another vehicle.

Other factors that add to driver risk during December are pressured and fatigued drivers. More distractions, demands, and holiday obligations cause people to be more aggressive in their diving. This results in drivers going too fast for conditions, making sudden lane changes, and driving with a general disregard for others on the roadway.

Horn advises drivers to Drive Alert, Buckled, Cautious, and Defensive.

Drive Alert

Because of the significant increase in the number of distracted drivers, it is so important to drive alert. This is especially true at intersections where distracted drivers are failing to stop at stop signs or red lights. Be alert for distracted drivers weaving or making sudden lane changes. Motorists can no longer assume that the other driver is paying attention.

Drive Buckled

Drive buckled and make sure your passengers are buckled. We know seat belts save lives, especially in a violent collision. Now, more than ever, is important to buckle up in order to sustain a crash.

Drive Cautious

Driving pressured is just not worth the time you think your saving. Drive cautious and at a safe speed. Resist the temptation to make a sudden lane change to avoid a traffic jam, or another risky maneuver.

Drive Defensively

This is the best tip of all. When you drive alert, buckled, and cautious you protect yourself, your passengers, and others on the roadway.


Driver safety alerts are published by Douglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, P.C.. Horn is a Kansas City crash lawyer who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law and litigation. His alerts are focused on driver safety issues, especially in the areas of drunk, distracted, and reckless driving.