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by | Oct 8, 2012 | Auto Accidents

Since 2007, Douglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, has been on a crusade against distracted driving, devoting a significant amount of his professional resources to distracted driving prevention. Distracted driving has reached epidemic levels in the U.S. and some driving safety experts, including Horn, believe that distracted driving can be as dangerous as driving impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Horn concentrates his law practice on representing persons that are seriously hurt or killed in motor vehicle accidents. He represents distracted driving victims in Missouri and Kansas. In the last 5 years Horn has taken on a considerable amount of cases that involve texting while driving. Although this form of distracted driving is best known as a teen driver safety issue, Horn is stating that texting while driving in Missouri is rapidly becoming an adult problem as adults have adopted this form of communication.

In order to consolidate his driver safety efforts, Horn started Drive By Example, a driving safety program that encourages drivers to exercise the highest degree of care in the operation of their vehicles. Horn is working with highway safety officials, high schools, community leaders, corporations, and parent groups to educate them as to the new universe of risk on our roadways.

Distracted driving is particularly a problem on Interstates such as I-70, I-435, and I-470, where traffic is moving at highway speeds and a sudden lane movement caused by a driver looking at or manipulating their cell phone can result in violent collisions. Using your cell phone while driving on a rural road or state highway is highly dangerous as there is no room for error.

In addition to his driver safety advocacy work, Horn is a frequent guest on radio and TV, doing what he can to keep driver safety high on the public agenda. As a Kansas City crash lawyer based in Lee’s Summit, Horn is also educating lawyers across the nation on how to best handle legal cases that arise from distracted driving.