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by | Oct 5, 2012 | Auto Accidents

Kansas City injury lawyer Douglas R. Horn is a lawyer who concentrates in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation. For over 20 years, Horn has been involved in hundreds of accident investigations, reconstructions, and legal cases involving crash victims who have suffered serious injury or wrongful death. In the handling of these matter, Horn has collected, assembled, uncovered, and presented evidence of driver negligence, giving him elevated insight into driving habits and behaviors that cause vehicular collisions.

Horn is now bringing his courtroom experience to help bolster drivers safety in Kansas City and statewide.

Horn has launched Drive By Example, a comprehensive driver safety program to help highway safety officials, safety advocates, high schools, corporations, and community leaders implement effective and efficient driver safety programs. The program has a number of different applications, from schools to corporations.

For example, earlier this year Horn began a “corporate protection program” to help corporations integrate driving safety into the corporate environment. Many corporations have corporate wellness programs which serve as a very good platform for introducing driving safety into the workplace. This is especially important as corporations are trying to protect against distracted driving lawsuits.

Later this fall Drive By Example will be airing a Public Service Announcement on Fox 4 in Kansas City. The PSA will focus on the new universe of risk associated with using the cell phone while driving. Also, Drive By Example will be active in high school safety initiatives as they work to curb texting teen drivers who Horn believes are just as dangerous as drunk drivers.

Douglas R. Horn, founder of The Horn Law Firm, P.C., represents victims of roadway collisions throughout Missouri and the Midwest. His law firm has a primary office in Independence, Missouri and consultation offices throughout Kansas City. He concentrates in serious injury and fatality cases involving car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

Mr. Horn is recognized as a driving safety expert and has been a frequent contributor to media doing stories on distracted driving and other highway safety issues. Mr. Horn can be contacted at dhorn@hornlaw.com.