Distracted Driving Prevention Program Started By Kansas City Injury Lawyer Gains Momentum

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by | Oct 22, 2012 | Auto Accidents

Drive By Example, a distracted driving prevention program, was recently featured on Fox 4 TV in Kansas City, Missouri. “The distracted driving crisis is reaching epidemic levels. It is no longer a problem isolated to texting teens, many adults are using their cell phones while driving to keep up with work demands and family responsibilities”, says Crash Attorney Douglas R. Horn.

Horn represents people seriously injured and killed in car, truck, and motorcycle accident cases. Since 2007 he has seen a spike in cases caused by distracted driving, primarily cases involving cell phone use while driving. Further, accidents caused by distracted drivers normally cause violent collisions because the driver has no reaction time. The most common accidents are where the distracted driver rear-ends a stationary vehicle causing a severe force of impact, broadside collisions at intersections where the distracted driver has run a red light or not stopped at a stop sign, and weaving and sudden lane changes on the highway caused by a driver who is manipulating a cell phone.

As a crash lawyer, Horn has a unique perspective. He states that his clients want distracted drivers to be held accountable in the legal system and they want him to do what he can to prevent others from becoming distracted driving victims. He believes that many in the legal system, including the American Bar Association, appreciate lawyers who work for the good of their clients and the public good.

Although Horn says distracted driving laws may help to curb cell phone use, he thinks the ultimate solution is casting distracted drivers as dangerous drivers who recklessly endanger lives. “Our Drive By Example program has 2 primary objectives. First, we want people to appreciate the new universe of risk on the roadways. Second, we are encouraging drivers to protect themselves, their passengers, and others by driving alert, buckled, and cautious. When trying to change driver behavior, the key is to motivate drivers to act in self-protection,”says Horn.

Drive By Example’s program is flexible and can be implemented at no cost in a variety of organizations, including schools, communities, corporations, and business firms. Horn is hopeful that Drive By Example will keep driving safety high on the public agenda, a reduction in accidents, and an overall driving culture.