Buying Used Car Tires Could Increase Rollover Risks

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by | Aug 2, 2012 | Auto Accidents

When times are bad, it is extremely tempting to try to save money by buying used car components. Some of the most popular used car parts are used tires. Sometimes, these tires are available for a fraction of the price of brand-new tires, and therefore, Missouri car accident attorneys find that far too many people gamble with their safety by buying used tires. Unfortunately, this practice could increase your risks of an accident.

When you buy a used tire, it’s not possible for you to gauge exactly how much stress it has been under. For instance, the previous owner may have traveled long distances, without bothering to have the tires properly inflated. That might have caused severe stress on the tire, and this stress may not be obvious to you with a cursory inspection. Further, there is also no way of knowing whether the previous owner of the tire had traveled at high speeds, a practice that can wear out the tire much more quickly.

Additionally, when you shop around for a used tire, there is a much higher risk that you may purchase an outdated old tire that is past its prime. Tires have a life span, and according to many tire manufacturers, that is approximately 10 years from the date of manufacture. A used, outdated and old tire, may be unable to handle the stresses of high-speed freeway driving, and may give out suddenly, with serious consequences.

There are other reasons for you to avoid used tires. When a person buys a new tire, those tires are automatically registered in his name. He is the person who will receive recall notices, or any other alerts about the safety of the tires. When you buy a used tire, you are not eligible for these alerts which means that you may remain unaware of any safety issues.