Missouri Truck Rollover Accidents Take a Heavy Toll

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Missouri ranks close to the top of a list of states in the frequency and severity of rollover truck accidents. According to a new study, the Interstate-70/US 40 and US 65 highways see the highest number of truck rollover accidents in the state.

There has been a series of fatal truck rollover accidents in Missouri since 2002. In 2002, there were 36 fatal rollover accidents in the state, and 616 non-fatal rollover accidents involving tractor-trailers. That accounted for a total of 652 truck rollover accidents in the state.

Missouri truck accident lawyers found that the numbers stayed more or less stable over the next few years, but dropped to 17 fatal truck rollover accidents in 2008. That year, there were also 474 nonfatal truck accidents with a total of 491 rollovers. In 2009, the number dropped further, with a total of 9 fatal truck rollover accidents, 407 nonfatal truck rollover accidents, totaling 416.

The number of truck rollover accidents in the state seems to have declined during the last year for which statistics are available, but that doesn’t mean that the risks are low. Tanker trucks, for instance, are at a much higher risk of experiencing a rollover due to an imbalance of fluid loads. In Missouri, I-70/US 40 and US 65 had the highest number of rollovers at 13. Following were I-57 and I-55/US 60 and I-70: Poplar St.Bridge Interchange with 12 rollover accidents each.

Rollover accidents involving large commercial trucks can be prevented by installing electronic stability control devices on tractor tanker trucks. In fact, the Department of Transportation is currently considering proposals to mandate the installation of these systems in all commercial vehicles.

This blog was authored by Douglas R. Horn, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation. Mr. Horn is a driver’s safety advocate and the founder of “Drive By Example”.

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