Federal Guidelines for Distracted Driving Prevention Target Automakers

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by | Apr 3, 2012 | Auto Accidents

For the first time, the United States Department of Transportation is targeting automakers and their responsibility in making automobiles safer to drive, in the battle against distracted driving.

The federal agency has released a set of guidelines for automakers. The guidelines are not mandatory, but the Department of Transportation and Kansas City car accident lawyers hope that automakers will keep these regulations in mind when they design dashboards.

The federal administration’s action comes because of the increasing amount of technology that automakers are making available to motorists. These technologies include voice-activated communication systems, highly sophisticated navigation systems, dashboard computers and other devices that make it possible for drivers to remain in touch throughout his drive.

Dashboard computers are turning into the latest auto craze. These computers come with touchpad screens that allow drivers to surf the Internet, check e-mail and perform dozens of distracting activities on the computer, all while driving.

The Department of Transportation wants automakers to follow certain guidelines while designing these dashboard computers. One of these guidelines recommends that automakers design dashboards that are only activated when the car is in park or stop mode. The risk of an accident involving a person’s use of an electronic device would decline if he was unable to use the device while the car is in operation.

The Department of Transportation plans to release an entire set of guidelines for manufacturers of handheld communication devices. Automakers aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the Department of Transportation’s recommendations. They insist that any technology is introduced in automobiles only after a complete analysis of the safety of the devices, and that these guidelines are therefore, redundant.

In our opinion, auto manufacturers must show greater responsibility in the introduction of communication and entertainment technologies in vehicles. The need to meet increasing consumer demand for fancy gadgetry in automobiles must be tempered with conscientiousness.
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