Distracted Driving Emerges as Nation’s Top Road Safety Priority

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by | Apr 19, 2012 | Auto Accidents

Given the proliferation of the smartphone, distracted driving is reaching epidemic levels and there is growing concern that the problem is only going to get worse. As safety officials debate possible solutions, Kansas City Crash Lawyer Douglas Horn is spearheading driver safety initiatives that he hopes will be adopted throughout the U.S.

Horn, who is devoting a significant part of his time to driver safety, believes that changing driver’s behavior is going to have to take a multi-level approach. “First, we need to enact strong driver distraction laws to send a clear message that dangerous driving habits are not going to be tolerated. As it relates to cell phones, driver education and driver safety awareness efforts must reach all segments of the population, including parents. Parents are important targets because they are the model for their children”, Horn said.

This past Wednesday Horn lectured trial lawyers from across the nation about distracted driving. Horn stated, “Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving and trial lawyers should be in the forefront of this issue. If we do our job and hold those distracted drivers accountable for the harm they have inflicted, people will think twice about using their cell phone.”

Horn’s safety organization, Drive By Example, is doing its part to change the driving culture, especially when it comes to distracted driving. Drive By Example, through its safety partnerships, is working with law enforcement, school districts, community officials, and businesses to encourage drivers to exercise the highest degree of care and model the driving behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and others on the roadway.

This week Drive By Example will be at Van Horn High School taking part in a mock crash presentation and looking forward to helping with the high school’s Project Grad safety initiative in May.

The month of April has been declared as National Distracted Driving Month, and throughout the month, motorists will face increased crackdowns, and harsher penalties as states around the country, including Missouri, make efforts to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents. The National Distracted Driving Month is a step in the right direction as public awareness is a solution. For more information about Drive By Example, visit www.drivebyexample.com.