Videogame to Help Educate Teenage Drivers about Distracted Driving

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by | Feb 14, 2012 | Auto Accidents

Researchers have developed a video game that has been designed to help educate teenage drivers about the dangers of accidents involving distracted driving. Horn Law, and other Missouri car accident lawyers, encourage more efforts to step up awareness about the dangers of distracted driving among teenagers, and this might be a novel way to drive home the message.

The game is called Distraction Dodger, and it has been developed by the University of SA Minnesota’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute. In the video game, players are required to make pizza deliveries, all the while battling distractions from their smart phones. They are required to use their phones to boost their business, while navigating road obstacles. Researchers unveiled the game at the Teen Safe Driving Summit in Rosemount.

Our firm handles a wide variety of distracted driving cases. Many times, when a teen driver is distracted while driving, they don’t even realize that their attention is being taken away from the road. Teen drivers tend to overestimate their capacity to multitask.
Clearly, distracted driving is becoming a national epidemic and it is encouraging that efforts are being made to reach out to teen drivers, who are at the highest risk for distracted driving.

Although much of the distracted driving crisis has centered on teens, in my experience as a Missouri car accident lawyer, adult drivers are just as guilty. Whether it is checking e-mail, browsing the internet, or updating social media, adults are becoming just as dependent as teens on their Smartphones. In fact, one of the primary reasons I started the drivers safety organization Drive By Example was to alert adult drivers to the dangers of distracted drivers.

This blog was authored by Douglas R. Horn, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience in motor vehicle accident law and crash litigation. Mr. Horn is a driver’s safety advocate and the founder of “Drive By Example”.

Drive By Example is a safety organization with a mission to advance teen driver safety. For more information, visit