Thanksgiving Is The Most Dangerous Holiday For Drivers

With over 30 million people hitting the road to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving, expect highway traffic volumes to be considerably high. This congestion, coupled with the fact, that many are taking longer than normal trips, creates a heightened highwaysafety risk. While it is difficult to avoid traffic, buckle up, keep driver distractions to a minimum and drive defensively to minimize the chance of a collision.

Here are some reasons why Thanksgiving is traditionally the most dangerous holiday for motorists followed by tips to keep you safe.

  1. Aggressive Driving. Holiday celebrations sometimes bring out the worst in us. The stress and ension of Thanksgiving travel cause drivers to speed up, make erratic lane changes, and follow too closely. To ease the pressure, decide upon an arrival time at your destination that will allow you to drive at a slower pace. Enjoy the journey and build in breaks and leisurely meals.
  2. Drowsy Drivers. For many, Thanksgiving celebrations start early and end after dark making for a long day. Feasting and holiday activities make you tired and less alert. If you do have travel, prepare by getting restful sleep before your leave and take breaks to refresh. Switching drivers also helps.
  3. Impaired Driving. Keep in mind that drunk driving and impaired driving are different. While several drinks may not make you drunk, it will impair your driving abilities, especially after a long day. Alcohol also interacts with your medications to cause you to be less focused. The best advice for drivers is to hold off on a drink until you are safe at your destination.
  4. Road Hazards. Road hazards come in many forms. Some common hazards at Thanksgiving include vehicles parked on the shoulder due to mechanical problems or deer crossing the roadway. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the routes of travel also can become a road hazard for other motorists. Drivers should expect hazards and drive steady and alert.

Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving,
Douglas R. Horn

This email is a driver’s safety alert from Douglas R. Horn, Lead Attorney of The Horn Law Firm, P.C. Mr. Horn is a personal injury lawyer who concentrates his law practice on motor vehicle crash cases causing serious injury.

Mr. Horn also devotes a significant part of his work to driver safety issues. His safety campaign, Drive By Example, is designed to influence drivers to use the highest degree of care and model the behaviors that protect themselves, their passengers, and other motorists.