Missouri Drivers Ranked Second Worst in US

Drivers in the state of Missouri ranked at second position in a list of the worst drivers in the United States. The list was compiled by a car insurance comparison website, and finds that drivers in Missouri ranked high in careless driving, drunk driving and traffic violations.

The analysis compiled data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association and Mothers against Drunk Driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided driving fatality data, the American Motorists Association provided data about tickets, and Mothers against Drunk Driving offered data about the incidence of driving under the influence in Missouri. This data was then ranked and scored, with a higher score indicating poor performance.

According to the compilation, Missouri drivers rack up plenty of traffic violations. On this indicator, the state scored 45 on the rankings. Missouri drivers also ranked in the top 10 for carelessness, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Overall, Missouri ranks next to Louisiana, which is the state with the worst drivers in the country.

Missouri was followed by Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, Montana, Alabama and South Carolina. According to the data, Missouri ranked at 44 fatalities per million miles in Missouri. The state had a 45 ranking on tickets, a ranking of 44 for drunk driving. The state ranked at 42 on careless driving, ending up with second placed on the list.

Attorney Douglas Horn, a Missouri car accident lawyer, has deployed “Drive By Example”, a driver’s safety campaign designed to reduce distracted, impaired, and reckless driving. “Drive By Example” educates driver’s on the high level of care, attention, and responsibility associated with driving and analyzes the behaviors and habits that change good drivers into dangerous drivers.