Kansas City Highway Fatality Risk Increased By Distracted Driving

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by | Nov 17, 2011 | Auto Accidents

Many drivers are starting to realize that distracted driving is rising to epidemic levels in Kansas City. While texting while driving used to be limited to teen drivers, the advent of the smart phone has many adults multi-tasking behind the wheel. Many safety experts believe that the driving hazards are only going to get worse as cell phone popularity increases and technological advances expand.

While distracted driving has given rise to more “fender bender” type accidents, the bigger safety concern is on the congested interstates and highways. The statistics show that because of the absence of traffic control devices and the longer commute times, motorists are more likely to become distracted by their cell phones while highway driving. That, coupled with the fact they are driving at higher speeds, is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only are there more crashes, but the impacts tend to be more violent resulting in more serious injury and death.

As a Missouri Crash Lawyer, I am interested in solutions to the distracted driving crisis. In my opinion, the solution starts with changing the Missouri driving culture. To accomplish this we need for Missouri lawmakers to pass a distracted driving law that pertains to all drivers. Presently, Missouri has an anti-texting law that applies only to drivers who are 21 and younger. Second, we need to back up the new distracted driving law with enforcement. If you and I can tell who is distracted while driving, a police officer can as well. Third, safety awareness campaigns and mass media exposure are very helpful in changing driving culture. Not only could laws against distracted driving be publicized, but the campaigns can promote the life-changing consequence of a distracted driving accident. These campaigns could be state-sponsored or privately funded. Finally, teen driver education must emphasize the habits and behavior that lead to dangerous driving. There must be a respect for the other driver and we must teach new drivers that they must set an example.

In 2011, in order to contribute to a solution, I kicked off “Drive By Example”. You can learn more about “Drive By Example” at hornlaw.com. Also, we have just gone live with www.hornlawprofile.com. This site capsulizes all of Horn Law’s driving safety efforts.

Please email me at dhorn@hornlaw.com if you have a comment regarding any matter regarding driving safety or motor vehicle crash cases.

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