Missouri Poultry Company Cited after Workplace Death


A Missouri poultry company has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for a number of violations after a worker was killed in a trucking accident inside the facility. According to the agency, this tragedy occurred because the company failed to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace.

The company, Marshall Durbin Companies in Hattiesburg was the site of a worker death in December 2010. Close to 1,000 people work in the Hattiesburg facility. The victim was working at the entrance of the facility, when he was struck by a tractor-trailer.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration began an investigation into the accident. The agency has now cited the company, for at least 12 violations. These include

  • Exposing workers to pedestrian accident hazards by not requiring them to wear brightly colored clothing
  • Failure to implement traffic control measures
  • Lack of illumination for stairs and exits
  • Missing rails on stairs
  • Lack of machine guarding
  • Failure to label electric circuit breaker panels
  • Exposing workers to corrosive materials without providing them protection for their eyes
  • Failure to provide clean bathrooms, and failing to label hazardous chemicals.

The Occupational Safety And Health Administration has proposed total penalties of $120,000.

It shouldn’t be so hard to provide a safe workplace for American workers. Unfortunately, every year, dozens of people are killed or seriously injured in accidents in Missouri that can be traced to employer’s negligence. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lays down strict standards for safety and health for almost every industry. Missouri work accident lawyers know that meeting these standards and improving safety conditions in the workplace require investments in time, effort and money. Employers often scrimp on safety measures, resulting in injuries and fatalities.