Kansas City Ranks in Top 10 Most Dangerous for Teen Car Accidents during Holidays

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by | May 23, 2011 | Auto Accidents

According to a study from Allstate Insurance, Kansas City makes the top ten list for most dangerous cities for teens to drive during holidays. With the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend, many parents and law enforcement agencies worry about the risks our young drivers will face in being involved in Missouri teen car accident.

“The biggest thing now is technology,” said said Officer Randy Davis, operator of the Teen Scene Driving Academy. “Technology has created so many distractions for these kids. This generation is all about texting, cell phones and iPods, and they all are distractions when driving.”

Our Kansas City personal injury lawyers urge you to speak with your teenager about the importance of safe driving habits this summer. Truth is, we’ve got to let them grow up some time. As parents we can only do our best to help educate our young drivers to prepare them for the dangers that lurk on our roadways.

Top 10 most dangerous cities for teen car accidents during a holiday:

  • Jacksonville
  • Kansas City
  • Birmingham
  • Phoenix
  • Tampa Bay
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Oklahoma City
  • Louisville
  • Richmond

Parents are urged to help their teens along with driving education and practice. Driver education courses are highly recommended and they can also help you to catch a break on their car insurance policies.

We recommend that parents take the following steps to help their teens to fully prepare for their driving career:

-Allow your child ride along with you as much as possible so they are able to witness your safe driving habits.

-Allow them to drive once and a while, even if it’s only up the street to the grocery store. This way you will be able to monitor your young driver’s progress.

-Try allowing them to drive in as many weather and road conditions as possible. Well, as many as your stomach can handle.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 2,500 drivers ages 15- to 20-years old killed in traffic accidents in the United States in 2009. Missouri experienced nearly 200 teen deaths from car accidents in 2009.

Of the 208.3 million licensed drivers there were in the U.S. in 2008, young drivers ages 15 to 20 accounted for nearly 18 percent. With spring and summer upon on us and with proms, graduations and schools letting out for summer, teen are at high risk for a serious or fatal car accident. Parents are urged to equip their young drivers with the tools they need to navigate our roads safety.

To help parents enforce some safe driving rules with your teen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has offered you this parent-teen driving contract to review and commit to with your young driver.

If your or a loved one has been involved in a teen car accident in St. Louis, Kansas City, Overland Park or any of the surrounding areas, contact the Kansas City Injury Lawyers of Horn Law to schedule a consultation as we can arrange for hospital, home, or other convenient meeting locations throughout Missouri and Kansas. Call 816-795-7500.