New Bus Safety Rules Promise to Prevent Accidents

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by | May 27, 2011 | Auto Accidents

A string of fatal bus accidents across the country recently has spurred the federal administration into action. The agency has announced a series of new bus safety measures, aimed at minimizing the number of serious accidents across the country. The new measures were announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last week, and Missouri bus accident attorneys believe that these rules could possibly eliminate some of the loopholes that threaten passenger safety.

One of the biggest safety issues in the US today has to do with the inability of the federal administration to ensure that only qualified bus companies operate fleets on the country’s roads. The new rules would do just that. Under the new rules, the Department of Transportation would require new motor coach companies to undergo a complete safety audit before they become eligible for Department of Transportation operating authority.
Besides, the agency is also attacking the problem of rogue bus companies simply slipping under the radar after an accident and reemerging under a new name. Under the new rules, the Department of Transportation would have increased powers to go after such companies.

The Department of Transportation will also set a national standard for commercial driver’s licensing testing to be followed by states across the country. Currently there is no national standard in place, and states have their own CDL procedures. Under the new rules, single nationwide testing standard would be established, which makes the process of selection, recruitment and hiring of drivers more uniform. Additionally, the Department of Transportation would also establish a website that allows passengers to gauge the safety of a particular motor coach company before they board a bus.