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by | Jan 4, 2011 | Auto Accidents

As a Kansas City car accident lawyer, I believe that American corporate have a responsibility to raise awareness about the pressing safety issues of our times. One of those important safety issues is rampant texting and cell phone use while driving. AT&T has just rolled out its new anti-texting while driving campaign, and it’s already making waves.

The campaign is called “It Can Wait “. It is in the form of a 10-minute long documentary that features real life stories from people whose lives have been shattered because of texting while driving. It features stories from eight individuals who have bravely volunteered to come forward with their stories of personal loss.

AT&T’s biggest target for this campaign is teen and youth motorists, who are at a high risk for distracted driving. It’s not just that teenagers and young drivers have a hectic social life that encourages them to text while driving much more than adults. It’s also the fact that these drivers already have heightened safety risks that increase their chances of being involved in a distracted driving accident. For instance, a typical inexperienced teen motorist who is texting may also be driving with his teenage friends. A combination of such factors increases the risks of a distracted driving accident.

AT&T is distributing the video to schools and traffic safety organizations, as well as government agencies. I hope institutions in Kansas can use it to supplement the effect of the new anti-texting while driving law that went into effect on January 1. Texting while driving will now be a punishable offense, leading to a $60 fine, plus court fees. Combining the law with a campaign like “It Can Wait” can greatly increase its impact.