Missouri Highway Safety Updates: October 2010

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Drunk Driving Awareness. Missouri now allows state approved memorial signs to be placed in honor of drunk driving victims. The first sign in the Kansas City district memorializes Laura Reynolds who was killed by a drunk driver on U.S. 24 Highway in Jackson County last Halloween.

I believe memorial signs will be effective in helping reduce drunk driving. Although the sign costs $600.00, it is a very good investment from a highway safety perspective. If you know of a drunk driving victim, please contact Douglas Horn in order that we can look into the possibility of a sign.

Motorcycle Safety Update. I am urging Missouri lawmakers to consider mandatory, state-approved safety classes for new motorcyclists. In my experience in handling motorcycle accidents, training on motorcycle handling, braking, and other safety maneuvers would be of substantial benefit, especially to a person who is inexperienced in riding a motorcycle.

Mandatory highway safety laws always face opposition. Therefore, I would appreciate your comment in regards to this important aspect of highway safety.

Distracted Driving Update. I am excited to launch the “Lead By Example” highway safety campaign which is designed for adults, and especially parents.

Almost without exception, distracted driving safety efforts have been aimed at high school/college age drivers. My new campaign, “Lead By Example” is meant for adult drivers. This kind of safety campaign makes sense because cell phone use among driving adults is becoming more prevalent and, in fact, adults represent the largest segment of distracted drivers.

I am in the process of finding media outlets to help broadcast the “Lead By Example” driving safety campaign.

Missouri Highway Safety Updates are authored by Douglas R. Horn of The Horn Law Firm, P.C Horn is a Missouri crash lawyer who has a wide range of experience in Missouri & Kansas car accidents. The updates are focused on driver safety issues, especially in the areas of drunk, distracted, and reckless driving. For more information, visit www.highwaysafetyattorney.com