Mandatory Training May Prevent Against Motorcycle Crash Risk

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As a motorcycle accident lawyer who handles serious injury and wrongful death cases, I typically make claims against a car driver who just didn’t see our client’s motorcycle. While I understand that it is extremely difficult to avoid a negligent driver, motorcyclists who have training in swerving, emergency braking, and other collision avoidance maneuvers are more likely to avoid a collision.

Although I am proud of our track record in individual motorcycle crash cases, I have a passion for helping to create safer roads for all motorists. In this regard, I believe the motorcycle awareness safety campaigns are very effective at helping to convince drivers to keep a better lookout for motorcyclists. As well, I think mandatory motorcycle training would help younger bikers acquire better defensive driving skills.

North Carolina just instituted a mandatory motorcycle training law in response to a 23% increase in the number of motorcycle accidents. In Missouri, I am advocating we take action before we see a rise in motorcycle fatalities. However, as with any mandatory safety training, I suppose there will be a fair amount of opposition.

I would like to hear from experienced bikers to get their perspective on what can be done to make the roads safer for motorcyclists. Please visit for more information on my roadway safety efforts.