Red Light Camera Helps Establish Fault in Kansas City Car Crash

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by | Jun 9, 2010 | Auto Accidents

As a Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer, a primary aspect of my work concerns motor vehicle accident investigations and the gathering of evidence at crash scenes. Early accident investigations are especially important in car accidents that happen at intersections where there are often disputes as to which driver was at fault. Accident investigations soon after a collision often lead to important evidence and the uncovering of independent witnesses.

Many states and municipalities across the U.S. are using “red light cameras” to nap drivers who violate traffic light controls. However, this relatively new technology can also be important when it comes to accident investigations and personal injury claims. For example, I am handling a case where an 80 year-old woman made a left-hand turn on a green light failing to yield to oncoming traffic. The result was a violent collision that caused significant injuries to my client. Initially, the insurance company for the elderly woman refused to take responsibility indicating that there was no evidence to support their insured’s fault.

However, because this intersection was outfitted with a red light camera, we were able to preserve video evidence of the accident which demonstrated that the elderly woman failed to yield the right-of-way to the oncoming traffic. As a result, I am confident my client will receive a fair and full resolution to her case.

There is a distinct possibility that red light cameras will be banned by Missouri lawmakers as a means of traffic law enforcement. However, it is possible that cameras will continue to be used as a means of accident prevention, especially at particularly dangerous intersections in Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, and Springfield with high accident histories. From the perspective of a highway safety advocate, I am in favor of continuing to use the cameras – justifying them as an accident reduction measure. Although the cost may be significant, Missourians would benefit in terms of saving lives and protecting against serious injury.