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Our experience at Horn Law correlates to the large scale studies concerning motorcycle safety. While our Missouri motorcycle lawyer sampling may be small compared to the government data, I find that many motorcycle accidents are caused by a negligent car driver who was inattentive or distracted. This, coupled with an upswing in more aggressive driving by the motoring public, is a deadly combination.

It is interesting to note that motorcycle driver training does not reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident, but that a motorcycle equipped with anti-lock brakes does reduce the chance of an accident by 37% (based on data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). As well, a motorcyclist wearing a helmet also lessened the likelihood of death by 37%. This data all points to the fact that it is vital for motorcyclists to drive ultra-defensively, assuming that the car/truck around you can not see you either because of lack of attention or because the driver is otherwise distracted. This is not to say that motorcycle training is not important, but the fact remains that we should put just as much emphasis on encouraging more attentive drivers if we are going to reverse the current trends in motorcycle safety.

As the weather warms in the Midwest, Horn Law encourages all drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles, turn off the cell phone, and drive defensively.

Douglas R. Horn, founder of The Horn Law Firm, P.C., is a personal injury attorney who represents victims of roadway collisions throughout Missouri and the Midwest. His firm concentrates in serious injury and fatality cases involving car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

Additionally, Mr. Horn is recognized as a highway safety advocate and has recently been a guest on a number of radio programs to raise the awareness of the dangers associated with driving while texting or using a smart phone.