Top 5 Industrial & Construction Accidents That Cause Serious Injury & Death

Horn Law litigates complex construction and industrial accident cases. Not only do these cases demand in-depth investigations, but also strong medical experts, including life care specialists. As well, because these type of cases always involve a substantial present and future income loss, other experts, such as an economist are necessary. We handle all types of industrial and construction related injuries. In our experience, these are the most common cases:

  1. Accidental Falls. Failure to have adequate fall protection at a work site is a leading cause of accidental death. Unstable ladders also present substantial safety risks.
  2. Scaffolding. Scaffolding accidents usually involve a failure of the planks or structural supports. Slip and falls and falling debris also account for serious injuries and death.
  3. Toxic Exposures: Insufficient oxygen environments, chemical exposures, harmful gases, sprays, mists, and smoke can cause immediate injury and/or longer-term illness and disease.
  4. Electrical Hazards: Working with electricity is always dangerous and strict guidelines must be followed or the work site is at substantial risk.
  5. Fires. Most fires occur because of breakdown in safety policies, procedures, and protocols in using and storing hazardous chemicals.

Work site accidents causing serious injury and wrongful death requires detailed legal consultation and thorough investigations. We can arrange immediate no charge consultations and investigations. Please contact lead attorney Douglas R. Horn at 816-795-7500 or Doug can put a team of experts to work for you and your family.