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by | Mar 26, 2010 | Wrongful Death

From personal experience, I know the overwhelming grief and sorrow associated with losing a family member as a result of a tragic accidental death. I understand that the family of the deceased needs various forms of comfort and assistance to help them through this trying time.

As well, in the wrongful death cases I have handled, I am always concerned with sparing the family the agonizing process related to the official investigations, reports, and the legal process as a whole.

This is why early legal consultation and representation are vitally significant. While the legal recovery may be the last item of consideration to the grieving family members, in the weeks and months to follow the legal case will be tremendously important and may be the only source of justice for the family.

From my professional experience, I know that early independent investigation is of chief importance in most cases of wrongful death or serious disabling injury. This is especially true in car and truck accidents, or in any fatality that occurs on the roadway. While many people rely upon Highway Patrol or local police investigations, these investigations are often done quickly under adverse circumstances. Moreover, because of the legal issues that will eventually arise in the case, an investigation of the accident scene is the preferred way of securing physical and photographic evidence.

Physical evidence such as surface conditions, obstacles, sun position, skid marks, etc. all may have a bearing on the investigation and fault aspects of the case. In some cases, an expert in accident reconstruction or a dangerous condition expert may be necessary to solidify the fault. Beyond the physical evidence, an early law firm investigation can identify all types of witnesses. In our past cases, witnesses identified in the early investigation have made a substantial difference in the case.

Over the years our law firm has successfully handled a number of wrongful death cases, including deaths arising from all types of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and hazardous/dangerous conditions. Additionally, we handle death cases arising from work injuries, falls, explosions, electrocutions, and chemical/toxic exposure.

Because every case has special considerations, I am prepared to help as soon as possible. Please contact me directly through secure e-mail at dhorn@hornlaw.com.