What Should I Look For In A Medication Error Attorney?

1. Look for an attorney who has a track record in medication error, including cases involving both pharmacy and hospital medication mistakes. Medication errors are usually brought on by a breakdown in dispensing policies, procedures, and protocols and it helps to have an attorney who is familiar with the dispensing process.

2. Look for an attorney who can answer your questions and provide specific information about the medication error cases he or she has handled. Because medication errors often result in serious injury and wrongful death, your attorney must be comfortable with cases involving complex medical evidence.

3. Look for an attorney who can devote his or her full professional abilities to your case. Because medication error cases require special medical experts and workup, your attorney must have the resources, including the ability to commit a substantial financial investment.

4. Look for an attorney who is detailed-orientated and who will handle items outside of the legal representation, including the medical expense, work-related problems, and other personal concerns.

5. Finally, look for an attorney with a capable, responsive staff. A medication error attorney needs to be on top of the case and he or she needs legal assistants who can put the case in professional order.

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